UVM researchers Jeff Marshall, Darren Hitt, Junru Wu and graduate students Nicholas Vachon and Di Chen for being awarded US Patent 8,695,156 entitled "Aeroacoustic Duster".  This patent resulted from work performed under a 2008 NASA EPSCoR Research Group Award "Active Surface Technologies for Dust Mitigation in Martian and Lunar Environments" .  For my more details, see
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Patent on Method of Enhancing Microthruster Performance Research on Orbital Propulsion & Control of Nanosats Modeling, Simulation and Fabrication of Monopropellant Micropropulsion Concepts Experimental Measurements of Micro-Scale Flow in a Simulated Char Layer Active Dust Mitigation Strategies for Martian and Lunar Environments.Stability and Growth of Disturbances in Incompressible and Weakly Rarefied Pulsatile Pipe Flows.