Undergraduate Scholarship Competition

The Vermont Space Grant Undergraduate Scholarship competition

VTSGC Awards are funded by NASA’s National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program.  The recipients are recognized for outstanding achievements as scholars.  The purpose of this program is to establish a national network of universities with interests in aeronautics, space, and related fields; to encourage cooperation among universities, aerospace industry, and government; to encourage interdisciplinary training, research, and public service programs related to aerospace; to recruit and train professionals for careers in aerospace science; and to promote a strong science, mathematics, engineering, and technology educational base from elementary through university levels.


Applications should NOT be submitted before January 1st of the upcoming year

Upcoming Year Application Deadline: March 1 of the same year
Scholarships are not automatically renewable and awardees must complete all requirements when reapplying. 


The Vermont Space Grant Consortium is pleased to announce a merit based scholarship competition for the current academic year. These Vermont Space Grant Scholarships, each worth $5,000, will be awarded on the basis of academic standing, letters of recommendation, and an essay detailing career goals. The scholarship funds are sent directly to the academic institutions to help the recipients attend an institution of higher education within the State of Vermont. 

To apply for a Vermont Space Grant Undergraduate Scholarship, an applicant must be:

  • A Vermont resident and United States citizen.

  • A graduating senior in a Vermont high school, or a current undergraduate enrolled in a degree program in a Vermont institution of higher education, with a GPA of 3.0 or above.

  • Planning to pursue a professional career which has direct relevance to the United States aerospace industry and the goals of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Such as studies in: Astronomy, Biology, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Aeronautical Engineering and other basic sciences, including earth sciences, and Medicine. Crossdisciplinary and other areas of study may also apply.

  • Applications must be received no later than March 1, of the current academic year, for an applicant to be considered for the competition.
    Results of the competition will be announced on or about April 1. Questions about the scholarship should be addressed to Ms. Debra Fraser at dfraser1@uvm.edu or by calling (802) 656-1429.

  • Apply at: Closed until January 1 of the upcoming year

    The Vermont Space Grant Consortium (VTSGC) is an organization involving UVM’s College of Engineering and Mathematics, St. Michael’s College, Norwich University, Vermont Technical College, the Vermont State Mathematics Coalition, and Burlington Aviation Technology School/Burlington Technical Center. Funded in part by a grant from NASA’s National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program, key goals of the Consortium are to build research infrastructure within the state, encourage Vermont students to take more mathematics and science, and promote consideration of careers in aerospace-related areas.


    (1) Scholarships are not automatically renewable, and applicants who are current scholarship recipients must reapply for an additional year of scholarship funding.

    (2) All recipients of VTSGC Undergraduate Scholarships will be required to submit a short Progress Report at the end of the funded academic year. This report should contain a brief overview of the ways in which Vermont Space Grant scholarship funding has been beneficial the pursuit of career goals and/or employment and also describe how the VTSGC scholarship funding has increased the recipient’s awareness of NASA and its mission.

  •  Hold a yearly competition to award merit-based VTSGC Undergraduate Scholarships to Vermont students in STEM disciplines attending Vermont  academic institutions.
  •  Fund special scholarships for Vermont students accepted at a NASA Academy or other NASA competitive program.
  • Hold an annual Awards Night to honor VTSGC Scholars and Fellows and showcase VSGC and NASA-related projects and activities in Vermont.  Invitees will include students, their parents and teachers, representatives of all VTSGC affiliates,state government officials,and a NASA representative.  

For more information, call Debra Fraser at (802) 656-1429.  Email:  dfraser1@uvm.edu