The comeback of gusting winds, heavy rains, and falling leaves means that it’s time to guarantee that your gutters are in great shape once again.  

But before you begin working on your gutters, below are some of the helpful and brief safety tips to remember: 

  • Refrain from working too close or near to power lines linked to your house since it can pose risk injury or even death. 
  • Attempt to book your gutter cleaning and gutter inspection duties for a time where there’s no rain. This way, removing dry materials will be less messy compared to the wet ones.  
  • As you check your gutters for loose parts and logs, make sure to take extra care and get a second person to assist you every time you use a ladder.  

How frequently must I clean the gutters? 

No matter if you have or don’t have a leaf protection system, plan to have your gutters Surrey BC cleaned out at least twice per year. When there are tons of pod-dropping or seed-producing trees that grow close to your house, be ready to clear out your gutters more often. Leaf protection systems would do best with extremely steep roofing. When your roof has a slight slot, this kind of system may be required to be assessed and cleaned more than usual.  

Why consider cleaning your gutters this fall? 

The fall season is the time when finishing the task of clearing out your gutters is particularly essential since free-flowing gutters will help your roof to transport the melted ice away from the gables, where it might otherwise result in ice dams. Usually, ice dams happen if the trapped ice gets thawed and then freezes again rapidly, which creeps up below shingles and into the sensitive underlayment materials underneath. Ice dams are known to be the culprit of significant damage. Hence, make sure to prevent them as much as possible.  

Never neglect the downspouts 

Just like how important gutters are, downspouts are also a vital part since they are intended to lead water away from both the foundation of your house and also its more sensitive wooden elements. When downspouts get blocked with debris, it cannot redirect snow-melt and water fast enough to prevent it from leaking into your house. Inspect the place where a downspout exits from the bottom to the gutter for missing or lose rivets, changing any problematic spots with new rivets. Once downspouts are attached improperly, it can damage siding when they tear loose.   

Poorly neglected and installed gutters are not fun 

Ice and water can be heavy, hence, guarantee that your gutters are attached securely through the fascia board to the rafter behind it using the proper type of hardware. The forgotten gutters that are clogged with rotting vegetation and ice have been recognized to injuring property, pets, or persons located below, damaging houses, and even tear loose from their moorings. Because leaks can result in the accumulation of ice at ground level, leaky gutters gaps, or plug holes with the help of all-weather silicone putty.