How to Make Your Employees Feel Safe in Your Office despite Coronavirus?

During this trying time due to the global pandemic known as COVID-19, returning to offices can be frightening and worrisome. A lot of employees want to be assured that they have done all the needed precautions to guarantee their safety as they work for them despite the ongoing outbreak. Moreover, local governments anticipate and mandates businesses to take the necessary steps to secure their employees and office spaces from the coronavirus. If you don’t know where to start to achieve a safe working environment for you and your staff, keep on reading this article as we have compiled a list of cost-effective, practical, and easy ways to do so. Do these to get ready for the return of your employees today: 

Open windows 

Sadly, high-rise buildings mostly don’t let businesses to open windows, but some offices can. If you want to prevent spreading the coronavirus, then ventilation is an essential factor. Pathogens can immediately spread through your HVAC systems. If you open up your windows, it can instantly enhance the ventilation of your office. But, during summertime, it’s understandable that most offices will require AC to guarantee their staff’s comfort. In this case, invest in air purifiers or an office climate control system.  

Set up fun, educational, and even inspiring signs 

We’ve been so used to road signs and markings that we forget how important they are to guarantee that we keep up an order. Floor stickers, decals, and emblems all work and must be set up in our office spaces and retail environments. The greatest means of \making sure that your employees are reducing density and practicing social distancing as they wait for a lift or elevator is to place some floor signal. This way, they will know where they need to stand as they wait, causing social distancing to make more sense. 

Provide lots of masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfecting wipes 

Your staff will feel a lot secured within an office where they can easily access necessary hygienic things, such as masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfecting wipes. If possible, you need to invest in them that can sufficiently provide every employee you have their personal stock of masks, hand sanitizers, and wipes.  

Give recyclable or disposable placemats 

Every morning, try to provide your employees with large pieces of paper, which they can put at their workstations. At the end of their shift, they can dispose of such paper. This can help make office cleaning San Francisco to be done a lot easier and more efficient. But, the best alternative for this is to offer your staff some disposable placements. This is especially relevant in an office with common workstations, where employees might not have a dedicated table but work from a counter or desk.  

Invest in self-cleaning surfaces 

You can search for companies that offer cost-effective mats and skins that keep on self-cleaning surfaces. This equipment can preferably be installed on high-traffic public touchpoints such as elevator handles and door handles.